Heading into Summer

Do Unto Others Assistance Dogs has moved out into Orlando and beyond - our dogs are being raised in Palm Beach, Orange, Seminole and Volusia Counties in Florida, and one adventurous pup has traveled to Virginia with our RV'ing Executive Director for the summer!

We met hundreds of individuals and their families at the Family Cafe' event and hope to be serving some of them in the near future. We also had our first in-person training event with our new team of puppy raisers and our training team at the Altamonte Mall. Keep your eyes open for our in-training pups in their distinctive burgundy vests! As our pups are growing, they are out and about getting exposures to lots of new public places and spaces.

We are moving into those "dog days of summer", but when you're a D.U.O. dog that's just another day for learning new things - one step closer to becoming someone's service dog

Do Unto Others Assistance Dogs - Empowering Independence! Happy Independence Day!

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