The founders of Do Unto Others (D.U.O.) Assistance Dogs have committed to the following attributes that are an essential part of everything we do:

TEAMWORK - as an Executive Team we feel we are all “stronger together”, and pledge to work together with our Board of Directors, volunteers, and clients to achieve success.

INTEGRITY - we pledge to be transparent and scrupulous in adherence to best practices in business, breeding and training.

PASSION - everyone involved in D.U.O. needs a heart for serving others; we love what we’re called to do and hope that joy will be evident in everything we do.

PROFESSIONALISM - a part of the fabric of our organization is our commitment to seeking out professional certifications and affiliations; continuing education at every level; and continuous process improvement.

INTENTIONALITY - We want to be sure we know where we want to go and how to get there.  This intentionality will necessitate long range planning including our Board of Directors, our Executive Team, our volunteers, our clients, and community partners.

TRAINING - We commit to training our dogs using Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive (LIMA) behavior intervention policies - the current industry gold standard.  We believe that good training begins at the top of the leash, so our trainers and volunteers will also be involved in regular honing of our skills.

About D.U.O.

Do Unto Others Assistance Dogs is a brand new 501(c)3, all about preparing dogs to serve the needs of their human partners. As a new organization, we're bringing our experience as educators and trainers of both Labrador and Golden Retrievers to serve the needs of those with disabilities—including mobility, PTSD, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

FL Articles of Incorporation / By-Laws / 501(c)(3) status available upon request



And we’re OFF!!

Six months ago, Do Unto Others Assistance Dog was an idea; two months ago it was just a listing on a State of Florida website; a month ago we made our public debut and now here we are – off and running! D.U.O. has gone from zero dogs to seven (7), with two more waiting …

Let’s Go!

Do you remember the feeling in those last days of summer, right before a new school year started – that mixture of anticipation and trepidation?  Even as a teacher, I experienced that every year. Every. Single. Year. Fast forward to April 2024.  If you’re reading this, Do Unto Others Assistance Dogs, Inc. has its website up …

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