And we’re OFF!!

Six months ago, Do Unto Others Assistance Dog was an idea; two months ago it was just a listing on a State of Florida website; a month ago we made our public debut and now here we are - off and running!

D.U.O. has gone from zero dogs to seven (7), with two more waiting in the wings. We started with one woman who believed in what we could offer her as a client and today she is joined by three others.

Be careful what you wish for, the good Lord is listening and will provide - people who believe in our mission of empowering independence with a well-trained service dog partner; people willing to offer their time as puppy raiser team members, and board members, and seamstresses, and cheerleaders; people willing to provide the dollars needed to start, and begin to run a business. We are well and truly blessed!

Check back in a month, or six, and see just how much more progress Do Unto Others Assistance Dogs has made. For now, look out world, we're OFF and RUNNING!!

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