Our Executive Team

With years of experience raising service dogs, we came together to launch our own organization with the vision of serving the needs of those with wheelchair and stability challenges as well as PTSD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Meet the team!

Wendy Hartman portrait
Wendy Hartman, Founder, Co-Executive Director, Programs Wendy has been raising and training service dogs for the last 14 years. She was a public school teacher for 25 years. She is retired and lives/travels in a fifth-wheel with her husband. Wendy looks forward to being a part of the D.U.O difference.
Laura Barnett portrait
Laura Barnett, Founder, Co-Executive Director, Development raising / training since 2017 (7 years); Laura was a public school secondary science teacher for 32.5 years; she retired from full-time teaching in Jan. 2021. As a person of faith, she has tried throughout her life to carry out the Wesleyan tradition of mission and service. Do Unto Others Assistance Dogs is a result of those efforts.

Sue Napier portrait
Sue Napier, Founder, Director, Client Support and Training raising / training since 2011 (13 years), partnered with a service dog since 2015; her first dog, Nestle, retired about a year ago, her new partner is a 4 year old golden retriever named Disco. Before her life took a turn making her a member of the disabled community, Sue worked as a teacher and band director for 20 years. She is still working as a professional musician, with Disco serving as stage pup extraordinaire.
Amy Mayberry portrait
Amy Mayberry, Founder, Director, Operations is new to raising / training service dogs with just a year of experience, however, she brings a wealth of talent in graphic design and office management.